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The Cursed Statue is an in-development VFX . The concept behind this was to create an effect that could be used by something within the environment. My first ideas came from pushing the stylised fantasy style with bright colours and fantasy shapes and materials. I found lots of inspiration from League of Legends. My aim was to create a scene where a tower/statue would power up and do a burst of projectiles aiming at a target nearby.

Began learning VFX as of October 2018 so learnt a lot from doing this.

Install instructions

Extract the file and run the game in unreal engine version 4.20. The game will open on the correct level. Play in simulate to have a free camera or play in play mode to run as part of a sequence.


SearchForAStar2019ZC.rar 202 MB
Search For A Star Documentation - Zachray Cundall.pdf 8 MB

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